The Voices have a long history behind them as well as a number of performances for many notable politicians, such as for former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, former Senator Alphonse D’Amato, and former Senator Robert DeCarlo. In July of 1983, they were invited to perform for President Reagan following one of his speeches, in Miami, Florida for the International Longshoremen Association. They have performed at many charity events, including the Jerry Lewis telethon at the Ed Sullivan theatre in New York City. The Voices’s unexpected sudden success with the remix of the hit song "L’Italiano" in collaboration with D.J. Serg, has brought them closer to the commercial music market.

    Angelo dedicated himself entirely to music, because he knew that music would be the primary focus of his life. His fierce determination paid off. Within a short time period, Angelo became a well-known artist amongst the Italian-American community. As a young adult, Angelo had the honor of sharing the stage at Carnegie Hall, in New York City, with legendary performers such as: Sammy Davis Jr., Dean Martin and Tony Bennett. He has also had the privilege of performing with disco diva Gloria Gaynor, and has performed for many other well-known celebrities.

    Carmelo Venuto is the percussionist and also a master of ceremony. He has been performing with his brother, Angelo, since the age of ten. Carmelo is known for his unique style and charisma which is always reflected in his ability to entertain and charm the crowd. His ability to transform a simple event into an event of a lifetime experiece is just one of many natural abilities he posseses.

    Lisa was born and raised in New York and has been singing and performing since the age of six. On the stage or in the recording studio, she always shows her unlimited talent of performing arts in variety of music to ballads to today’s hottest dance tracks. She has donated her time and talent to many charity events and has had the honor of performing for crowds that included such figures as Mayor Giuliani, Chaz Palmantieri, and Robert DeNiro. She has also had the honor of sharing the stage with many internationally known artists.

    Domenick Pisciotta was born from an italian family and was raised in New York. He grew up listening to and studying music. He has a beautiful gift of playing the keyboards and had the pleasure of performing at KTU’s BEATSTOCK as well as many other exciting events. His smile as he performs, lightens up a room and his music ability is shown as he plays wonderfully on his keyboards.

    As the youngest son born into a family of musicians, it was inevitable from the start that Sal was destined for the stage. Influenced by his talented brothers, Sal
developed a passion for music at a very early age. Always a willful and independent person, Sal picked up the bass guitar and began playing it at the age of 10. Encouraged by his family, he formed a band with his younger cousins and also began singing. Through hard work and determination Sal evolved into a seasoned performer. At the age of 17, Sal joined his brothers’ band and has performed with them ever since.